COLOP Digital is developing and selling electronic marking devices, the corresponding software/app solutions and helpful accessories. With the spectacular invention of the first mobile printer of its kind – the e-mark – COLOP Digital is setting milestones in smart office products as well as in state of the art tools for creative people. What drives us is to become „the worldwide leader of innovative digital solutions in the field of mobile marking and authentication of products and documents“.


Since starting its operations COLOP Digital has developed the following products:
e-mark® create
accessories and consumables
customised solutions


The e-mark is not only an electronic stamp but rather a versatile mobile printer based on inkjet technology. The device is operated through an app using a mobile device (mobile phone, tablet) or with Windows PCs (e-mark only). Individual full-colour imprints can be directly applied on a variety of absorbent materials (from paper, cardboard, textiles to wood and many more) with a simple sideways movement.

COLOP e-mark

e-mark® create

With the creative edition of the mobile printer, e-mark® create, COLOP has also been setting new standards in the handicraft, decoration and hobby world. The e-mark create app stands out by its usability as well as its pre-installed creative templates for various occasions. Just choose or design your motif, print it and make your creations.

COLOP e-mark create

accessories and consumables

Our accessories and consumables range increases the flexibility of the e-mark and the e-mark create even further. Among other products we offer Ribbon Guides and Ribbons for making presents and for decoration purposes, personalisable Wristbands ideal for small events, a Ruler for increased printing precision as well as specially coated Endless-Labels making the imprints scratch- and waterproof.

Accessories e-mark and e-mark create


The COLOP e-mark® secure probably represents the most powerful document security solution to date. It uses the power of the Blockchain along with the innovative e-mark technology that works on both digital- and/or paper documents. COLOP´s unique security technology
is built on two pillars:

Authentication: the document issuer prints an encrypted QR code on a document

Verification: the recipient can scan the QR code to check the document´s authenticity

COLOP e-mark secure

customised solutions

Under specific circumstances COLOP Digital is prepared to jointly, together with the customer, develop software features as well as accessories needed to meet the demands for certain industries and use cases.

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Benefits for our target groups
Small to medium businesses …
  • gain flexibility in their daily operations, like in logistics, office management, marketing, quality control or even production
  • have a cheap and easy way to handle solution (very small costs per print) for individualisation and personalisation, to impress their customers or employees
Private people…
  • have one device for everyday creations, from labelling homemade delicacies to making decorations or greeting cards and scrapbooking as well as home management (marking shelves, boxes, tools etc., managing invoices or mails, organizing the family calendar)
  • can easily handle the e-mark products
  • can choose from many creative imprint designs for various occasions which are regularly updated

The Company

Over the last 40 years since its foundation, the COLOP Group, headquartered in Austria, with over 500 dedicated employees, has become one of the world leaders in marking solutions.

2018 the decision was taken to expand the company´s strategic foothold into the field of mobile electronic marking and printing. As a consequence the subsidiary COLOP Digital GmbH, located in Wels, Austria, was founded by COLOP along with the swedish-mexican inventor and minority shareholder Alex Breton.

The team of COLOP Digital deals with the development of electronic and digital marking devices (hardware) as well as the corresponding software and app solutions.

From its very beginning COLOP Digital has consequently built up a professional, dynamic and young team of specialists – consisting of 14 members, from hardware and software development, product and quality management to marketing, logistics and sales.

As a subsidiary of COLOP Stempelerzeugung GmbH & Co KG, COLOP Digital is embedded in an international sales, production and logistics structure. Located right next to the COLOP Group Headquarter in Wels, COLOP Digital profits from the know-how, long-time experience and valuable connections of a well-established group.

All our e-mark products are developed and constantly optimised in-house.

The COLOP Group


German Design Award 2021
12. January 2021

German Design Award 2021

The COLOP e-mark was awarded the German Design Award (Special Mention) in the stationery category for its brilliant product design. Chosen by a renowned international jury, it honours innovative products and projects.

COLOP Digital at international online fairs
8. January 2021

COLOP Digital at international online fairs

We started the year 2021 right away with participating at the online version of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Among others, we also took part in the Insights-X in October. Instead of direct contacts, we made online meetings and connected with numerous potential customers and companies all around the world. We are looking forward to show the e-mark in real life again soon.


Since its market launch the e-mark® has won several technology and design awards.

COLOP Digital is constantly striving to improve and optimise products already launched. Besides new electronic and digital projects are already in the pipeline – especially in the security sector – on which the experts in the product development team are working on.

e-mark awards